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How to get the most out of your fresh blooms.

We all LOVE fresh flowers. What we don't love is how quickly they can fade. Follow these steps to keep your fresh blooms looking their best for longer!

#1 - Change the water every other day

Fresh flowers are thirsty and will appreciate frequent fill ups!

#2 - Trim your stems

Trim stems about half an inch with sterile scissors or floral snips to allow your flowers to absorb all the water they need.

#3 - Let your flowers have the spotlight

Keep your flowers away from too much heat and away from fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and veggies emit ethylene gas, which is not a friend to our blooms.


Follow these steps and watch your local flowers reward you with an extended vase life often lasting 7-10 days. Your blooms will also elicit “oohs” and “aahs” for days to come!

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